With over 2 million units managed, Tenant Pro® is the ideal solution for small to mid-sized portfolios of less than 500 units. Tenant Pro delivers all the tools you need in one, fully-integrated property management system.

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  • Fully integrated accounting system with general ledger, AR/AP; eliminates need to double-enter info
  • Easily track vital info on tenants, owners, units, vendors, properties
  • Property management database tracks work orders, reminders, prints late notices, leases, checks, 1099’s and more

Why Tenant Pro?

  • It’s property management software AND property management accounting software all rolled into one! 
  • Simplifies daily operations!
  • Puts data at your fingertips!  Imagine one-click, instant access to accurate data.  
  • Custom build your software for an affordable price!
  • 20,000 customers with 2 million units can’t be wrong!


“5-Star Rating across the board!” Interface/Ease of Use, Modules/Scalability, Integration, Reporting, Support!

- CPA Technology Advisors